RapidPro is software for communicating with many people via different messaging channels and is commonly used by aid agencies such as UNICEF.

We provide an easy to use integration for MoyaApp detailed below. If you run into any issues, or have questions or feedback, please let us know by sending a message to

Setup steps

Get a Moya token and endpoint

Please contact us at with your details to get the account set up. We will provide you with a token, and optionally a number if you don't have an existing number to use.

RapidPro configuration

In your RapidPro/TextIt deployment, go to the "Add a Channel" page and choose "External API".

Configure the following parameters (many of which are just left at the default values):

Once you have submitted this page, the integration will be configured in RapidPro.

You will then be presented with a page showing the configuration. Please provide us with the "Received URL" so we can forward messages from users to your RapidPro instance, and then the setup will be complete.