Welcome to the documentation for the MoyaApp's APIs. If you run into any issues, or have questions or feedback, please let us know by sending a message to

This document will assist you in how best to integrate with our APIs and how they interact together. There is also a systest version of our front end.


MoyaApp provides two APIs, our Business Messenger API and our MoyaPay Payments API. Each of these APIs will require an Authentication token which will be used to access the API.

Our Business Messenger API allows you to integrate with our messaging services. The documentation for our Business API can be found here.

Our MoyaPay Payments API allows integration with our Payment Gateway for transactions through MoyaPay. The documentation for our Payments API can be found here.

Integrating our APIs

Our APIs can be used in tandem. The Business Messenger API's lookup users endpoint can be used to acquire a user's number which can then be used to use our Payments API's endpoint to either directly send a payment to that customer using the create payment endpoint or to query a user's registration on MoyaPay through the check customers endpoint.

Test Environment

There is a test environment available for development work for clients. The sandbox environment has its own security token and Base URL while each endpoint works exactly the same as the production equivalent. If you wish to use this, please contact us to discuss options.

Test APK

There is also a sandbox version of our app which will work with the sandbox APIs. Download the latest sandbox apk here